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california small

California Fan Palm Tree: Small (0-3ft)


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Desert Fan Palm – Washingtonia filifera

The California Fan Palm (Washingtonia filifera) can be found throughout the Hollywood Skyline in California. When young, the California Fan Palm is easy to take care of and appears great indoors or outdoors. The California Fan Palm tends to retain its dead leaves on its crown giving it an appeal of a wooly coat. The California Fan Palm Tree is also known as the Desert Fan Palm, American Cotton Palm and Arizona Fan Palm. It is cold hardy to about 15-23 degrees F and can tolerate frost. The California Fan Palm is a great choice for those that would love the L.A. lifestyle in their home or office.

This California Fan Palm has been rated by the USDA suitable for hardiness zone 8, and it is known to be one of the hardiest Coryphoidiae palms available. Brief temperatures of as low as 14 °F will bring about minor damage, but they are survivable. Established palms have been known to survive to as low as 10 °F, but they will likely experience some visible damage that will take time to repair. They survive best in Mediterranean climates, but can also be found in humid areas like Eastern Australia and the Southeastern USA.

Real Palm Trees make a house feel like home by giving you the feel of nature inside or out. Buy this palm tree and have a piece of unspoiled nature! This plant is award winning, as it was granted the Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticulture Society. But even if it didn’t hold a blue ribbon, we’re sure any palm lover would be dazzled to have this plant in their home or out!

Additional Information

SKU pt-10-01 small california fan palm tree
Palm Tree Size Small
Palm Tree Attributes Popular, Tropical, Cold Hardy, Pinnate (Fan Leaves)
Palm Tree Name California Fan Palm Tree
Palm Tree Common Names California Fan Palm, Desert Fan Palm, American Cotton palm, Arizona Fan Palm
Palm Tree Botanical Name Washingtonia filifera
Palm Tree Country of Origin North America
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor & Outdoor, Outdoor
Palm Tree Maintenance Easy, Easy to Moderate
Palm Tree Can Be Potted Yes
Palm Tree Growth Rate Moderate, Moderate to Fast, Fast
Average Max Height (Mature) 20 – 30 ft, 30 – 40 ft, 40 – 50 ft
Palm Tree Radius Spacing (Mature) 5 to 10 ft, 10 to 15 ft, 15 to 20 ft
Palm Tree Sun Exposure Moderate, Moderate to High, High
Palm Tree Flower Yes
Palm Tree Fruit Yes
Cold Toleration Zone 8a (10 to 15 F), Zone 8b (15 to 20 F), Zone 9a (20 to 25 F), Zone 9b (25 to 30 F), Zone 10a (30 to 35 F), Zone 10b (35 to 40 F), Zone 11 (above 40 F)


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