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date large senegal wild

Senegal Date Palm Tree (Wild Date Palm): Large


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Premium Grade Palm Tree
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Senegal Date Palm Tree, Phoenix reclinata, Wild Date Palm

This cold hardy date palm tree is more commonly referred to by it’s variety name, Senegal Date Palm. It’s long botanical name is Phoenix reclinata ‘Wild’ Date Palm. This beautiful date palm is known for its clumping ability to make a center piece as large as 50 FT in all Directions. This palm is drought tolerant and cold hardy enough to be used in many a variety of climates. The Grand Nature of the palm makes this palm tree a true center piece in any place planted. The amount of stems will depend on how many you allow to grow. This beautiful date palm tree has 8 stems all taller then 6 FT in height and some over 10 FT Tall. For specific requirements in amount of trunks or height in trunks please do not hesitate to give us a call. We will be more than happy to assist you in purchasing the perfect specimen palm tree.

These Date Palms are a simple of grace and beauty. The trunks of the Wild Date Palms are givena clean cut and can be also sold with out being cleaned. Landscaping designing with Senegal Date Palm trees is easy and can make a great impact on the overall design. This date date palm tree will make a great addition to any home office or landscape. It will give a sense of the tropics with little cost. Its time to go green and buy real palm trees. Real Palm Trees make a home feel like home by giving you the feel of nature inside or out. Buy this date palm tree and have a piece of unspoiled nature.

Additional Information

SKU pt-30-01 large senegal date palm tree
Palm Tree Size Large
Palm Tree Attributes Popular, Tropical, Cold Hardy, Palmate (Feather Leaves)
Palm Tree Name Senegal Date Palm Tree (Wild Date Palm)
Palm Tree Common Names Senegal Date, Wild Date Palm, Clumping Date Palm
Palm Tree Botanical Name Phoenix reclinata
Palm Tree Country of Origin Eastern Countries
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor & Outdoor
Palm Tree Maintenance Easy
Palm Tree Can Be Potted Yes
Palm Tree Growth Rate Moderate
Average Max Height (Mature) 20 – 30 ft, 30 – 40 ft, 40 – 50 ft
Palm Tree Radius Spacing (Mature) 10 to 15 ft, 15 to 20 ft
Palm Tree Sun Exposure Moderate to High
Palm Tree Flower Yes
Palm Tree Fruit Yes
Cold Toleration Zone 9a (20 to 25 F), Zone 9b (25 to 30 F), Zone 10a (30 to 35 F), Zone 10b (35 to 40 F), Zone 11 (above 40 F)


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