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date large sylvester

Sylvester Date Palm Tree: Large


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Silver Date Palm

Originally from India, the Sylvester Date Palm can now be found throughout the world in the most luxurious hotels and resort destinations. The Sylvester Date Palm can now also be found throughout luxury homes and renowned golf courses. This Date Palm is also commonly referred to as the Wild Date palm and the Silver Date Palm and part of the Date palm family. With it’s large greenish-silver fronds that dart into the air, the Sylvester Date Palm Tree creates a majestic appeal in any landscape. The Sylvester Date Palm Tree when properly pruned will have a diamond shape knobs which are from the old frond which have withered away. The overall appearance of a Sylvester Date Palm is magnificently beautiful and when placed in the right environment around the right lighting, it can be dazzling. The Sylvester Date Palm Tree not only looks beautiful but its also a rugged palm tree which can acclimate to cold and hot temperatures with no ill-effect on its fronds or trunk. The Sylvester Date Palm can withstand cold freezes and times of drought. Let the Sylvester Date Palm Tree grace your landscape and leave the envying to your neighbors.

The beautiful Sylvester Date Palm will make a great addition to any home office or landscape!

Additional Information

SKU pt-30-01 large sylvester date palm tree
Palm Tree Size Large
Palm Tree Attributes Popular, Tropical, Cold Hardy, Palmate (Feather Leaves)
Palm Tree Name Sylvester Date Palm Tree
Palm Tree Common Names Sylvester Date Palm, Sugar Date Palm, India Date Palm, Silver Date Palm, Wild Date Palm
Palm Tree Botanical Name Phoenix sylvestris
Palm Tree Country of Origin India
Indoor/Outdoor Use Indoor & Outdoor
Palm Tree Maintenance Easy
Palm Tree Can Be Potted Yes
Palm Tree Growth Rate Moderate
Average Max Height (Mature) 50 – 60 ft
Palm Tree Radius Spacing (Mature) 10 to 15 ft
Palm Tree Sun Exposure Moderate to High
Palm Tree Flower Yes
Palm Tree Fruit Yes
Cold Toleration Zone 8b (15 to 20 F), Zone 9a (20 to 25 F), Zone 9b (25 to 30 F), Zone 10a (30 to 35 F), Zone 10b (35 to 40 F), Zone 11 (above 40 F)


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